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2013 February birthday party





Company annual dinner






Overseas Chinese city bike outdoor activities






Guilin Yang Shuoyou


Guilin, located in the north-east of Guangxi, is a world famous tourist attractions and historical and cultural city.Is located in River West Bank, in the rich forest of osmanthus trees, osmanthus named.Typical Karst landform formed have a style of one's own Guilin Scenery, Guilin Scenery of Guilin tourism resources.Guilin Scenery refers to the range is very wide, with many items.Guilin Scenery has always been to the mountain, water, caves, stone beauty and enjoy "landscape armour the world" reputation, including Guilin Scenery of mountain, water, have no equal in this world of Karst landform.Stone, monuments, etc..

People say: Guilin Scenery Jia Tianxia landscape of Guilin, Yangshuo.



Early in the morning we take the packages on the bus, starting from Shenzhen to Guilin about 8 hours after, with enough water and food began to Guilin Yangshuo 4 days 3 nights of passion journey!




Ride the bus bumps in 8 hours finally landing..... Guilin, immortals are longing for a place on the way, we come!!

In this piece of the green mountain and green water must stay we sung Yi Technology Group staff footprints... Before.


The first impression of Liu Sanjie station

Liu Sanjie folk tales "singer", "song of St.", Guangxi Zhuang, Han, Yao, Mulao and Maonanzu people enjoy great popularity among the people of the goddess of wisdom.

Night watch Grand water!

As the saying goes, one minute on stage, the audience ten years of practice, in the temperature was only ten degrees centigrade water they will dance with the most incisive, as if through the time to see the immortal person... Appreciate the dreamy show, sigh "this dance just because the sky, earth to get a few back to hear"!






By then, south of the Five Ridges Zhuang Autonomous Region, guests and friends gathered, song is like the sea, people reviews.It can be heard without end loud singing, rely on the San of Liu Sanjie thoughts and to harvest, to love, to the happy life of longing and yearning.

Was the United States Harvard University Dr., world famous garden expert Carle called: see in China's most beautiful places.




The girls, marrying local elder brother can day dressed in beautiful colored clothing!!





Yangshuo big banyan tree, the moon mountain scenic area is located in Yangshuo County, is a thousand year old tree, tree around has more than seven meters, seventeen meters high, with luxuriant foliage, shade covering the sky, the cover the land of more than 100 square meters,

Popular in China and Southeast Asia Film "Liu Sanjie" many lens in this film, the film with my brother Liu Sanjie under the big banyan tree throw Hydrangea's life situation touched the world lovers.

Big Yung Shue and I have a date... With big Yung Shue photo. Love will be like a brother Liu Sanjie with beauty and slow waves!


Second station: Dragon River * Lai Jiangwan

Lai Jiangwan "water of Guilin Scenery, Yamanaka Yama, the first bay", "cave Jiuzhai" called.

By boat in the area found ornamental multiple millions of years ago, natural mountain mural: Fairies, dragons, nude mural murals murals, frescoes natural, vivid, vivid, rare in the world.

Walk in the Four Seasons fruit ridge covered with shade Peng Qingshi Road, not only can enjoy the morning twilight, farming to smoke in the country, may participate in the permanent Su in traditional farming, walk with unique style of Li River bridge.



Kaleidoscope - bridge...







Gently clean water rafting...














Sai Longzhou

Dragon boat racing is a traditional Chinese water sports entertainment, has been around for two thousand years, vigorously drummer A De to Liao out with everybody heart that had a blood boiling ~!



Yin Ziyan

Silver rock cave is a typical Karst landform, throughout the twelve peaks, is a two-story limestone cave, cave brings together different geological ages growing stalactites, crystal clear, pure, like a dark galaxy is tilted down, flashing like silver, like diamonds, so called "silver rock".

The Dragon King's palace is still another immortal residence... Sparkling. Such as the dreamy waterfall. Heaven on earth or luxury?









Third station: the forgotten homeland: "land of idyllic beauty"

In the "land of idyllic beauty", a beautiful sight. The boat along the small Waterway Bridge hole, inlaid in the tracts of the fields are green. The weeping willow Yiyi, kissed the surface of the water.

A huge water transfer car, one sings a country ballad of the ancient time, the distant mountains, emerald, village tree including tobacco, criss-cross paths, like Tao Yuanming's "Fangcao delicious, fallen petals lie in profusion.".






Four seasons will blossom and not the result of special peach.








Big-leaf hydrangea

In ancient China, where there is a customs, when the girl to marry, is scheduled for a day (the day of general is lunar January fifteen or August fifteen) let the suitors on embroider building, girl throws a ball, who gets the ball, who can become the girl the husband.Of course, the girls loved one would normally see, to throw the ball to him, so that he picked up.In many places, carry the bride bridal sedan chair to knot on top of a hydrangea, intention of auspicious auspicious.


Embroidered upstairs beautiful girl began to throw Hydrangea, look at fiercely as a tiger does single men spirit to highly concentrated.....



Man well, the peach blossom leverage.










Fourth station: totem path

About ten thousand years ago, Guilin leather rock people cultural monuments, as well as the living status of the scene in the show, into the mysterious ancient tribes, and together they now singing, now dancing, see be struck with fright stunts....






This is the native tribes in the most luxurious "6 star hotel, feeling very comfortable."!




Fifth station: Lijiang

River scenic area is the world's largest, most beautiful scenery

The karst landscape resort, for thousands of years it with many men of literature and writing.The new 20 yuan back, is a section of the river landscape...

By bamboo raft along the way to enjoy beautiful scenery, continuous nature, landscape and the harmony, between the mountains and water, with people along the Yangtze River Village Garden, bamboo hidden Madadayo smoke, wild natural taste quiet empty,

Hiding in the mountain sunset shining on the lake as with gold, shining bright, be visible before the eyes of scenery...






















Last stop: sounds of nature * Butterfly Spring and poly Longtan

Yangshuo Butterfly Spring scenic area is a set of mountains, water, secluded caves, pastoral scenery as one of the beautiful scenery, flower butterfly deep water dragonfly evaded, fly, Tao Yuanming's land of idyllic beauty is just so so.

On the walls of a giant "Butterfly" is to fly, this is the famous Butterfly Spring scenic area.The walls of the giant butterfly known as the "emperor", also called golden birdwing.It is the largest Chinese butterflies in a a.The "Butterfly" shape with an area of about 280 square meters, is a world.












Drinking a "month" _____ Moon Mountain



Walking out put incense,

Music is too fluid.

Dawn Street full of trees,

Spring grass plot embankment.

The scenery over Luwen,

Snow sky blue.

Admiral to not have,

"My warm.

                                                    - 2 Shangguan instrument



Administrative area






In August 22, 2012 the company dinner ...






In 2012 July Frank/Lily birthday party ...


                             All female compatriots!



                           The two person with cut sweet cake!




In 2012 June Lisa birthday ....




                       Delicious a big table!




In June 2, 2012, white Shizhou Shahe Street badminton hall


All early arm exercise equipment, expect a badminton game start!

In the noisy badminton hall to drive colleagues playing with passion, I can finally evacuated the physique to detoxify the body row!

Better hurry in! ______ life lies in movement!



                             In intense fighting ...





2015-07-15 Product training








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